Free is a short film created to launch the Delantare series.

Summary Edit

On the run from a deadly tyrant, an escaped prisoner stumbles upon a half-dead traveler who may not make it without her help.

Plot Edit

In a remote mountain range on Delantare, a young woman walks though a snow-laden forest gathering firewood. She comes across a man in a cloak slumped against a tree unconscious. Suspicious, but concerned, she takes him back to her camp and nurses him back to health.

That night, after the man has finished eating, the woman tries to strike up a conversation with him... but he says nothing in reply. He does, however, look to a tin cup, and the woman guesses that he's thirsty. She reveals that she's a Water-Kind, and fills up the cup with water from her hand. He drinks, but still remains mute.

Her months of isolation get the better of the woman, and she begins telling the stranger about her life:

Her name is Zana, a former assistant to a Kind Ambassador. While on a trip to a Tulvair's wedding, their armed escort suddenly turned on them. Zana and the other Kinds were overpowered and taken to internment camps. At the camps, they were enslaved for fourteen hellish years.

One day, the power-dampening chip that had been implanted in Zana's neck randomly malfunctioned, restoring her powers. She fought her way out of the camp, and fled to the mountains where she's resided ever since.

After telling her story, Zana then begins to wonder aloud about the fate of the leader of the regime that enslaved her. Considering her importance as a runaway Kind, she should be a top priority in being hunted down, but she's been able to live peacefully in one place for months. Just as she begins to wonder if Delantare could possibly, finally be free, the man suddenly lunges at her, snapping her neck in his hand. After letting her body fall to the ground, the man brushes aside her hair, pulls out the dampening chip from her neck, and walks off into the night.

Cast & Crew Edit


  • Paige Awtrey as Zana
  • Jordan Wallace as The Man


  • Writer/Producer/Director – Zack Lawrence
  • Director of Photography – Dave Shaver
  • Assistant Director/Script Supervisor – Korey Hehn
  • Original Music – John William Doryk
  • Visual Effects – Tim Nolte
  • Sound Recordist – Ken Lawrence
  • Wardrobe Supervisor – Natalie Lawrence
  • Hair & Makeup – Terrie Blaney

Behind the Scenes Edit

Filmed in one day, Free was made as a concept reel/companion piece to introduce people to the world of Delantare, and some of the concepts that are planned on being featured throughout the series.

Free won "Best Sci-Fi Film" at the 2016 Paonia Film Festival.

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