The Kinds are a race of elementals that dwell on the Eastern portion of Delantare. The Kinds are divided into three tribes: Fire, Water, and Stone. These tribes are referred to as Fire-Kind, Water-Kind, and Stone-Kind respectively, or "The Kinds" collectively. Each of the Kinds can both manipulate their respective element in the area around them, and project it from their bodies in various ways.

The Kinds are well respected across Delantare, due in no small part to the fact that their abilities make them extremely powerful individually, and nigh unstoppable collectively.  They are confident and wise, and the fact that their average lifespan is around three hundred years also tends to give them a “big picture” perspective that usually prevents them from seeking out petty conflict.

Though they often “meddle” in the affairs of other groups on Delantare, they are extremely secretive about their own history and the inner workings of their culture.  Their border towns put on an appearance of hospitality, but it’s very superficial. Non-Kind visitors often find that they’re encouraged to keep their visits short.  Outsiders are never allowed further into Kind territory, but they’re blocked in such a polite way that no one seems to realize just how firmly they’re being kept out.  You might be forgiven for thinking the Kinds have some kind of dark secret.

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