The Plan is a short story released on the official Delantare website.

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After a heist-gone-wrong, Andrew begins to question the motives of his boss, Bolton, and tries to uncover what he has planned for Summer.

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Andrew and two other members of Bolton's gang in Adobe Flats attempt to rob a quiet convenience store, but are surprisingly overpowered when the clerk fights back with a shotgun, killing Andrew's partners. Andrew manages to escape without being shot, or caught by the police, and makes his way back to the gang's hideout.

Once there, he reports to Bolton and lets him know the bad news. Though frustrated by the setback, Bolton doesn't seem very concerned about the fact that Andrew's partners were killed. Andrew presses Bolton about his plans, and Bolton finally takes him into his confidence. Bolton is in the beginning stages of turning the petty gang into a criminal empire working in businesses both legal and illegal. Andrew also gets Bolton to imply that the young women that have been joining the gang of late may be sold off as part of this plan.

It's than knowledge that forces Andrew to action. Late that night, he manages to get a message to one of the girls, Summer, asking her to meet him outside the next night. Surprisingly, Summer arrives, and Andrew tells her about Bolton's plans for her. He convinces her to leave the gang with him, and to try to convince the other girls that Bolton has to do the same. Andrew also conspires to steal as much of Bolton's saved up money as possible to further hinder his plans. Summer agrees to be ready to leave with Andrew in two days' time.

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This story takes place on Earth-Present.

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Released in three weekly installments from September 13, 2016 to September 27, 2016 on the official Delantare website.

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