Biography Edit

The "Whistlin' Kid" was a notorious outlaw that was active in Earth-Past. In 1893, he and his partner Benson robbed the Chicago Express and led the authorities on a chase that took them near Adobe Flats, Colorado. The Kid and Benson were able to elude the posse, and sought to hide their loot in a secluded grove that belonged to heiress Samantha Starr. When Benson dug a hole, he came across a strange gemstone that began to whisper with a multitude of voices. The Kid and Benson were entranced by the object, and when they touched it to pull it out of the ground, the gemstone responded by blasting the pair with a surge of energy that disintegrated their bodies and their stolen goods.

Behind the Scenes Edit

The Whistlin' Kid was created by Tim Nolte. He was voiced by Zack Lawrence in the short film The Whistlin' Kid. The character was designed by Heather McDermott.

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