The Whistlin' Kid is the final prologue film made for the Delantare series, and the first animated film produced for the series using a motion-comic style.


On the run from the law, notorious outlaw The Whistlin' Kid and his partner Benson stumble across an unexpected treasure.


In 1893, The Whistlin' Kid and Benson robbed the Chicago Express and led the authorities on a chase that took them near Adobe Flats, Colorado. Having eluded the posse, The Kid orders Benson to hide the loot in a grove of trees. Benson argues when the Kid reveals that the land they're on belongs to well-connected heiress Samantha Starr, but the Kid assures him they have nothing to fear.

The Kid makes Benson dig a hole with his hands since they don't have a shovel. Rather than help, the Kid simply turns his back to Benson and whistles to himself. This irritates Benson, who complains to himself while he digs. He's interrupted when he stubs his fingers on a strange green gemstone, which begins to whisper with a multitude of voices. Hearing the voices, the Kid approaches and he and Benson are entranced by the object. When they touch it to pull it out of the ground, the gemstone responds by blasting the pair with a surge of energy that disintegrates their bodies and their stolen goods.

To be continued...

Cast & Crew Edit


  • Zack Lawrence as The Whistlin' Kid
  • Rich Swingle as Benson
  • Additional Voices - Sam Collier, Natalie Lawrence


  • Writer/Director/Editor – Zack Lawrence
  • Character Designer - Heather McDermott
  • Additional Artwork - Bart Willard


This story takes place in Earth-Past.

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