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Zana was a Water-Kind from Delantare. At 75 years old, she shared the Kinds' trait of appearing much younger than she really was.

Zana was an assistant to Nat Ohran, one of the Kinds' roaming ambassadors. While her delegation was on their way to a Tulvair's wedding, their escort turned on them and took them to the prison camps of Genocron. She spent the better part of fourteen years enslaved along with other Kinds.

Rumors began to spread that Genocron, who ruled all of Delantare, had suddenly vanished. Around that time, Zana's ability dampener, a device implanted in all Kinds by Genocron, glitched and was disabled. With her Water-Kind abilities restored, Zana fought her way out of the camp and escaped to some remote mountains.

She spent months in solitude, scrounging what she could to survive, setting up a rude shelter for the winter.

DEL001 05

Zana uses her Water-Kind abilities to give the man a drink.

One day, while out gathering firewood, she stumbled upon a man passed out in the snow, and completely covered in a cloak. Taking pity on him, she took him to her shelter and nursed him back to health, though he did not reveal his identity or say anything to her.


The man, as found by Zana.

Having been isolated for so long, Zana's social nature got the better of her. She let her guard down and told her unresponsive guest about herself and how she came to be alone in the mountains. As she began to wonder aloud about the rumors of Genocron's disappearance, the man attacked her without warning, strangling her to death. After removing the dampener from her neck, the man exited the shelter, leaving Zana's body alone.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Zana was created by writer/director Zack Lawrence. She was portrayed by Paige Awtrey in the short film Free.

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